The School after Theatre is a cooperative project with GITIS, the Rssian Academy for Theatre Arts, in Moscow. This three-year concurrent further training course begins in parallel courses in the three centres and leads on to a joint European class. On completing the course participants are awarded a GITIS certificate.

        The International Directors' and Trainers' Colloquium: Classes will be held in various European countries and thus introduces participants to the various national theatre cultures.

        The GITIS European Magister course in acting pedagogy is an advanced study course for aspiring teachers of acting, in cooperation with various European universities. Master classes are held every six months, in on-going groups. Participants are selected on the basis of introductory seminars.

        Seminars and seminar series provide an introduction to various themes in drama training and rehearsal methods.
External seminars are training units specially tailored to meet the needs of drama schools and of theatre and cinema productions Back to Creativity is a summer programme designed to regenerate artistic potential. The learning process leads on to research work, developed in Laboratories - working on a theme-specific basis, on national or international level, often at the invitation of drama festivals, and concluding with a working demonstration. The research process leads on to Performances-with the character of working demonstrations - right through to European theatre productions.

        CONFERENCES AND FESTIVALS offer the possibility of meetings to promote an exchange in artistic and methodological terms both on a practical and theoretical level. METHODIKA- the international festival of methods in theatre training - takes place every two years, each time in a different country and with a selected theme. It offers, in the form of lectures and practical seminars, insights into various methods of rehearsal work and training.

        PUBLICATIONS- ARS INCOGNITA from articles appearing in the specialist press right through to the association's own series of publications, from video recordings right through to interactive CD-ROMs all provide information, documentation, and teaching material. ENSEMBLE is the association's own regular journal. Terra Incognita helps, in cooperation with various publishing houses and universities, with the translation of previously unknown, forgotten, or unpublished papers on theatrical practice


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